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Announced: 02.01.14

We are honored to announce that Cristiano Bertocchi (ex-LABYRINTH, ex-VISION DIVINE) is now officially Wind Rose's new bass player.

Cristiano worked with us in 2012 for the production of our first album "Shadows Over Lothadruin" and after the decision of Alessio to leave the band he's now a member of the family.

We're about to complete the composition of the new album and we are planning to enter the studio soon.




"...Ma non lasciatevi fuorviare dalla fredda geometricità delle definizioni tecniche, i brani dei Wind Rose sono melodici, orecchiabili, efficaci, intrisi di quel calore che spesso latita in altri lavori ascrivibili al genere..."
8/10, Irene Vanni - Fantasy Magazine

"...Shadows Over Lothadriun is a rather impressive debut for Wind Rose. Expect great things from this band in the years to come. Recommended..."

"...With the tremendous talent of the next generation of progressive power metal bands, it is almost becoming a forgone conclusion that each and every album will be above expectation. And while this is wholly unrealistic, Wind Rose make it look all too easy. The musicianship is exciting, and the way it all gels together is nothing short of astounding. But what sets "Shadows Over Lothadruin" apart from so many of the other albums you will encounter this year is the balance between storytelling and cohesive metal music. Most acts favor one or the other, leaving the other side of the scale tilted and unsettled. But here, both sides get equal thought, leaving you with an album that sounds larger than life, and may actually be..."
9/10, Sorrow Eternal

"It's a breezy roller coaster ride of beautiful harmonies, vast melodies and superb riffage! Wind Rose's "Shadows Over Lothadriun" is exactly as you'd expect from the name and the artwork, grand, epic and very enjoyable!"
Destructive Music

"All in all, Wind Rose has produced an accomplished, enjoyable album for anyone who likes their prog metal with a bit of pomp and a sense of drama: definitely worth a listen."
8/10, This is not a scene

"WIND ROSE will be a force to be reckoned with in the future."
8/10, Metal Observer

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