Wind Rose, the Dwarves of Heavy Metal, welcome you all to our official website! We are a heavy metal band born in Italy in 2009 and we are currently signed to Napalm Records. Our lyrics and style are mainly inspired to the dwarves of fantasy like in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, this is the reason why people refers about us as "the Dwarves of Heavy Metal" and to our style as "Dwarf Metal". We gained notoriety in 2019 with the release of the single Diggy Diggy Hole, a song originally sung by The Yogscast and inspired to the famous videogame Minecraft.


07.06.23Hangar 1819Greensboro, NC, USticket
08.06.23Warehouse on WattsPhiladelphia, PA, USticket
09.06.23Gramercy TheaterNew York, NY, USticket
30.06.23Resurrection FestViveiro, spainticket
01.07.23HoernerfestHamburg, germany
07.07.23*?Rockharz Open AirHarz, germany
14.07.23*?Area 53 Open AirLeoben, austria
11.08.23Alcatraz FestivalKortrijk, belgium
19.08.23*?Dynamo MetalfestEindhoven, netherlands
08.09.23FeffarkhornCimadolmo (TV), italy
17.09.23Metalitalia FestivalTrezzo, italy
20.09.23BackstageMunich, germanyticket
21.09.23SzeneVienna, austriaticket
22.09.23Masters of Rock CafeZlin, czechticket
23.09.23Analog Music HallBudapest, hungaryticket
24.09.23KwadratKrakow, polandticket
26.09.23BatschkappFrankfurt, germanyticket
27.09.23Orwo HausBerlin, germanyticket
28.09.23MarkthalleHamburg, germanyticket
29.09.23MusicHallGeiselwind, germanyticket
30.09.23HellraiserLeipzig, germanyticket
01.10.23ZecheBochum, germanyticket
02.10.23Im WizemannStuttgart, germanyticket
03.10.23DynamoZurich, switzerlandticket
04.10.23GlazartParis, franceticket
05.10.23229London, UKticket
06.10.23KavkaAntwerp, belgiumticket
07.10.23P60Amstelveen, netherlandsticket
20.10.23YuniconVienna, austria

*Dates marked with *? are subject to changes depending on the festival running order*

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Official US Store, has t-shirts and cds of our first two albums.

Art-Worx Merchandising, has various clothing merch and gadgets. Only ships to Europe, UK excluded (full country list here).

Napalm Records, has LPs, CDs, gadgets, t-shirts. Ships to mostly all the world ( full country list here).


Warfront | 2022 | Napalm Records

Our latest album.
Themes: dwarves, fantasy war, The Hobbit, Warhammer, introspection.
Features: Gates of Ekrund, Together We Rise, Army of Stone.
Listen / buy

Wintersaga | 2019 | Napalm Records

Themes: dwarves, fantasy war, The Lord of the Rings, Minecraft.
Features: Diggy Diggy Hole, Drunken Dwarves, Mine Mine Mine.
Listen / buy

Stonehymn | 2017 | Inner Wound Recordings

Themes: The Hobbit, dwarves, native americans, power of nature.
Features: To Erebor, The Returning Race.
Listen / buy

Wardens of the West Wind | 2015 (reissued 2022) | Distortion Music Group - Napalm Records

Initially released in 2015. Remixed, reorchestrated, remastered in 2022.
Themes: The Hobbit, Skyrim, pirates, Ancient Rome, dwarves, Scotland.
Features: The Breed of Durin, Rebel And Free.
Listen / buy

Shadows Over Lothadruin | 2012 (reissued 2022) | Distortion Music Group - Napalm Records

Initially released in 2012. Reorchestrated, remastered in 2022.
Themes: concept album about fantasy wars, for fans of The Lord of the Rings.
Features: Majesty, Son of a Thousand Nights.
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